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In The B.K. Lounge Laboratory we have a library of cookbooks. This section was created partly from the lack of interest in our movie reviews and that we loan out a lot of cookbooks. We see this as a community service to provide our insider information on these cookbooks. We will not be reviewing cookbooks that suck, only the ones we like.

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Martin Yan's Feast : The Best of Yan Can Cook

by Martin Yan

We love this book. There is an ingredient guide with photos so you do not have to guess when your shopping for dinner. Did you ever wonder what Chinese broccoli or Bok Choy looks like. Well wonder no more. Yan explains folding wonton to Dim Sum and then some. We made the Eight Piece Beijing chicken and then general Tso's Favorite Chicken and they where both fantastic.

The recipes presented in this cookbook are well written and there are a lot of photos. We recommend Martin Yan's Feast : The Best of Yan Can Cook to anyone who loves oriental cooking and beautiful food.


Flavoring with Spices

by Clare Gordon Smith

This cookbook is what our food scientists would call fancy food. It provides a little description of a bunch of spices and then has a bunch of really nice recipes. Every recipe has a photo so you know how it should look when your done. There is a section on pickles also. These are more like dessert pickles than deli pickles, pickled lemons, pumpkin spice pickle and candied kumquats, very yummy.

Flavoring with Spices has recipes for sautéed shrimp, coconut chicken, spicy potatoes and more.


Quick and Easy Pasta Sauces

by Shirley Gill

When they named this cookbook they got right to the point. It is exactly what it says, Quick and Easy Pasta Sauces. 70 yummy pasta recipes accompanied by 70 photos of the finished quick and easy pasta sauce on the actual pasta. Not only are these recipes easy but we found they are generally inexpensive and very tasty.

We love this cookbook.


Keo's Thai Cuisine

Keo Sananikone

We have had this one for some time. Keo's Thai Cuisine is the cookbook that gave use the cure for the common cold, spicy shrimp soup with lemon grass. It is full of our Thai favorites, chicken with fresh sweet basil, cashew chicken and recipes for curries and sauces. We have made about 90 percent of the recipes in this cookbook and have never been disappointed. If you would like to cook Thai like you have been doing it your whole life and impress your quests this should be the first Thai cookbook you buy.



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