Presented below is a list of sites that made us laugh. We have also arranged some of the jokes that have been sent to us via e mail. Here in the privacy of the lounge we will pretty much make fun of anything. Humor to us is no holds bared and never taken personally. We laugh at each other, we laugh at our selves and we laugh at other people. I can not think of one person that does not like to laugh. And I can not think of one person that likes being laughed at. So be wise and do not use humor for evil.


ADULT MATERIAL WARNING: Jokes in this section can be offensive to parents who have deviant children. If your under age kid gets into this site and sees adult material than you should spend more time with them.
So a guy walks into a bar, right?
Blonde Joke Network
Elephant Jokes
You might be a redneck if...
Fort Odgen: You might...
Lawyer Jokes
Need to Change a Light Bulb?
Can't Come To Work because...
Dumb Lists
Mommy, Mommy...

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