The Lounge Lizard Archive

November 2000 : First Lounge Lizard : Western Style Chili, Fresh Irish Coffee, Exorcist

December 2000 : Baked Chicken, Egg Nog, High Fidelity

January 2001: Bloody Mary, Meat Loaf, American Movie, Beer Troubleshooting

February 2001 : Screaming Orgazms, Pecker, Chicken Jenny, Dr. Suess Rejects

March 2001 : Irish Car Bomb, Club Drugs, Corned Beef, Saving Grace

April 2001 : April Fools, Pork Roast, Sesame Street, Dementophobia

May 2001 : Real Cowboys, Spicy Beef, Spinach Citrus Salad, Original Margarita, Almost Famous

June 2001 : Morning After, Mimosa, Fresh Vegetables, Games for the elderly, atychiphobia

July 2001 : Work Naked, Brazillian Bar-B-Q, Grill Safety, Sex On The Beach, Traffic

August 2001 : Red Eye, Flying Saucer in Chicago, Killer Bar-B-Que Sauce, O' Brother

September 2001 : Beer Chicken, The Mexican, Mom's Cole Slaw, What?

October 2001: Momento, Halloween Jokes, Pumpkin eaters, Spiced Cider

November 2001: Nude Beach, Heart Breakers, The Gold Coast Sandwich

December 2001: Drunk On Christmas, Getting Weighed, GarlicPotatoes

January 2002: Drinking Buddies, Champagne Celebration, Skillet Potato Omelet

February 2002: Alcohol Warnings, Sex in a tree, Creole Shrimp

March 2002: Rules, Wild Irish Rose, Yum Then Some

April 2002: April Rain, Drunken Chicken, Old Rabbi's

May 2002 : Cinco De Mayo, X-tra Special Quesadilla, Blade 2

June 2002: Conspiracy Theory, Asian Chicken, Amish Virus

July 2002: Toronto Rocks, Bourne Identity, Lighting the grill

August 2002: Generic Viagra, Black Hawk Down, To drunk to make salad salad

September 2002: Margarita jello Shots, XXX, HMO Recommendations

October 2002: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Saving Money, Roasted Tomato Soup

November 2002: Red Dragon, 16 wives, Thanksgiving and Tequilla

December 2002: The Ring, Married in Heaven, South Western Eggrolls

January 2003: Rehab and the Ultimate Breakfast, Lord Of The Rings

Febuary 2003: About Schmidt, Being Attractive, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

March 2003: Dog Soilders, Arizona Penguin, Roaster Red Pepper Soup

April 2003: Bourbon Chicken, The Hunted, Genie in a bottle.

May 2003: Chicken with Chipotle Sauce, Twighlight Zone and Bullet Proof Monk

June 2003: Breasts are back, Rectum Stretcher, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

July 2003: Arthritis, The Hulk, Bryan Burgers and Beer

August 2003: Mushrooms and Peppers, Pirates of the Caibbean, Halmark Cards

September 2003: Ceviche, Bowling for Columbine, Tequila and new childerens books

October 2003: Beef Barley Soup, Spun, Identity, Once Apon A Time In Mexico and Kill Bill

November 2003: Chipotle Mashed Potatoes, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Extra Money

Dec.-Jan. 2003-2004: Big Fish, Willard, Revolations, Rodger Dodger, North Carolina Style B-B-Q and Egg Nog.

February 2004: Capturing The Freidmans, Drunk Time, Valentines Crab Newburg.

March 2004: Caveman Diet, Lion King 1 1/2 and Irish Creme Cafe

April 2004: Pressed Cubans, Hymn #365, The Missing, School Of Rock

May-June 2004: Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, In America, Red Eye

July 2004: Southern Sparkler, Citrus Grilled Pork and 50 First Dates

August 2004: Finding Jesus, Bourbon Chicken Spice, Bourne Supremacy, The Chronicles of Riddick

September 2004: Beer can chicken & Tim's Balsamic Tossed Potatoes, Fun in Church, Taking Lives and Exorcist-The beginning

October 2004: Lounging in the Dominican Republic, The Terminal and Mean Girls and a Presidential Test

November 2004: Saved, The Forgotten, The Lady Killers, E mail Top 11, Pumpkin Chowder

December 2004: Jersey Girl, Sponge Bob Movie, Sports Facts, Gift Reviews and Kentucky Hot Brown

Jan - Feb 2005: U.S. Marshall's, Without A Paddle, Ray, Talking Dog For Sale, Pasta Salad

March - April 2005: Sahara, After The Sunset, Blind Man In A Bar, Spicy Black Bean and Rice Salad

May 2005: Kingdom Of Heaven, Spanglish, Chicken Satay and Verbophobia

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